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Pocket Hercules

Contact Pocket Hercules:

510 First Avenue North

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403

United States


Pocket Hercules is an independent, full-service hybrid advertising, PR, content and digital agency based in Minneapolis. With equal parts advertising, public relations, content, digital, design and product development, we’re set up to be a lean, nimble branding powerhouse. We pride ourselves in creating innovative, tailor-made solutions to complex marketing problems that directly produce brand momentum and sales. As a small advertising agency and PR firm, our working model is simple, transparent and highly efficient: top-level talent works directly with clients which forges deeper partnerships, more potent work and the ability to respond immediately to opportunities in today’s ever-changing marketing landscape.

Pocket Hercules works with consumer, B2B, and nonprofit clients. We represent nationally recognized brands such as Rapala, Marvin, Zeiss, Pearl Izumi and Thomson Reuters, as well as emerging brands and brands that are leaders within their market niche. Our industry experience includes: consumer packaged goods, financial services, sports apparel, fishing and hunting, beverages, home improvement, technology, legal, health care, and professional services, among others.

The term Pocket Hercules has been used throughout history to describe larger-than-life heroes in surprisingly small frames. Perhaps the most famous was Naim Suleymanoglu from Turkey, who has been hailed as the greatest weightlifter of all times. He stood just 4 feet 11 inches tall, yet he could lift nearly three times his body weight of 141 pounds. Being an award-winning ad agency in a world of giants, we’re a lot like Mr. Suleymanaglu: small but powerful.



Pocket Hercules

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Key Facts for Pocket Hercules

Year Founded:
Firm Size:
23 employees
Core Practice Areas:
Brand Integration PR, Enterprise PR, Crisis Communications PR, CEO / Executive Positioning PR, Marketing Communications PR, Media Relations PR, Content Marketing PR
Core Practice Industries:
Construction PR, Financial PR, Food and Beverage PR, Healthcare PR, Professional Services PR, Social Media PR, Travel and Hospitality PR
Key People:

Jack Supple (Managing Partner)

Jason Smith (Managing Partner)

Tom Camp (Managing Partner)



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